Amilia’s first photo session (Seattle Family Portraits).

Amilia’s Mother wrote after the photo session:

“By taking the pictures of our family that memorable Sunday afternoon you helped close one chapter of our life and open a new one. As I studied the pictures you took of us you can tell on Hauke and I’s faces that we made it. You see, our daughter Mili is our absolute hero. She has endured more in her six months of life than most of us do in a lifetime. She has taught us what really truly matters in life. Relationship, love, trust and forgiveness. Thanks to modern medicine her heart will now beat on for a long time. You captured Hauke and I’s relief and utter happiness that we can close the scariest chapter in our lives – accompanying baby girl through open heart surgery. Somehow the words “thank you” really don’t seem enough. Until next time, blessings to you Anita”. Amy.

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Amilia was born on May 14th and she has been a very busy child ever since. On September 30th she had open heart surgery and on November 8th she showed up for her first family photo session with wide eyed curiosity. More Family Images on the main website:

Originally posted November 10, 2009