Children's Photography

Keeping up with the balance…. Family Photography, Seattle, WA

With posting this image depicting the joy of discovery I am leaving Seattle for a bit, to take time off from my demanding schedule as a family photographer. As much as I love what I do, sometimes I need to step away from the photographer’s rigorous work flow.
Here is to seeing new places, meeting new people, reconnecting with friends and planting new seeds of ideas! For now, so long Chief Seattle, halloo Pele!

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Pet and Child Photography

Boy, dog, the river and the end of summer. Kid photography, Seattle, WA

This was about the tail-end of the Northwest Summer. This was about a child’s joie de vivre. This was about a friendship between a dog and a boy. This was about the Stillaguamish River that was still inviting during the first days of September. This was about my own nostalgia for my beloved Baltic Sea and the carefree moments I loved as a child.

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Mother and Son Photography

Mother and Son. Part 2. Family Photography at Carkeek Park in Seattle, WA

Working as a family photographer I strive for simple portraits. I like the simplicity in expressions, gestures, composition, and light. Sometimes it comes quickly and easily, but mostly it is a dance between finding the right moment, the right time, and the right opening to people’s energy and moods. It always starts a bit like a clumsy dance; stepping on each others toes, so to speak, when “partners” need to get to know one another. Later on, it moves  to finding that right balance between the subject and the components of photography: the photographer, camera, lenses, light, timing, moods and whatever might happen in the moment which often makes an image that much more interesting. In this case, it was a straw hat that appeared onto a set several minutes into the session. I tell you, simple things matter…

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Children's Portrait Photography

A Triptych – Seattle Children Photography.

Children move so fast and change their expressions continuously. That is, of course true during family photo sessions as well. Triptych is a fine way of gathering the best of a subject’s moods for active story telling. In these photos Irene was captured while she took a break from hot tub play time with other kids. I made several exposures of her and I chose 3 to show her being direct, thoughtful, and playful.

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Mother and Child Photography

Recent, Summer work. Seattle Family Photography.

It has been a busy Summer with Seattle Family Photography. I will be creating separate blog posts for each Family. In the meantime, however, selected few images here, along with a link to one session that took place on Alki Beach (in one spot, lasted an hour, was filled with ideas, creative energy and “meant to be moments”):

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Children's Photography

Aligned with a Seattle Horizon.

This image was made recently during the family photo session with Sheila, and her son, Jude. Few times, while looking at this photo, Sheila expressed her amazement about the stick alignment with The Seattle Horizon (yes, a Space Needle to the right). I agree, this belongs in the Meant to Be Category. Well, we could have set it up, but we did not have to….

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Father and Daughter Photography

Margo with Father (Seattle Family Photography).

This image dates back to film days of photography. Seems like not so long ago, however so much has changed since photographers loaded film into cameras. In this image: Margo with her Dad. Their family photo session was captured with 2 rolls of film: one black and white and one color. 70 and some exposures and one love!

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