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On the importance of family photos by Seattle Photographer

Last summer, I stepped out of my comfort zone. I was working with a videographer to showcase my work as a Seattle family photographer. I felt a bit shy about starring in the eye of the video camera since I am always behind the camera.

As I was getting ready for filming, I spontaneously grabbed a photo off a book shelf to take on location. The photo was taken by my father, a talented amateur photographer. The subject is me, then an eight year old Polish schoolgirl returning from school. I’m wearing a mysterious smile, but all I remember of that moment is that I was so proud of my new book bag.

As the filming begins, the camera focuses on the photograph while I introduce myself and begin to talk about my process.

Sometimes, we act on impulse without knowing why. Since then, I’ve had some time to think about what that photograph means to me. It’s clear now that it was a link to my parents and my heritage. Somehow, that was enough to give me the support I needed to get in front of the camera.

Photographs are important. They provide links to the past and support us on our life journey.  As a child, I was indifferent, and even annoyed, when my father was taking photos of me. Today, I can see their significance. Photographs spark memory and help us understand who we were and who we have become. They provide insight into the gifts our parents gave us we were growing up.

I felt I had come full circle when I showed the finished video to my father. We both became emotional when we saw that old photo and he told me few more details about the moment of taking it.  Despite our distance, he understood how grateful I was for the impact he had had on my life, a life that has been so grand and fulfilling and that I give thanks for each day.

Family Photographer

Photographing WAC events by a Seattle Family Photographer

As a Seattle Family Photographer I often work with Washington Athletic Club photographing their dynamic, inventive, and colorful events. The fun (usually) begins with family participation and a lot of kids!
Recently, WAC families took over the 8th Floor for an evening of pure entertainment! Bounce houses, arts and crafts, a balloon dance party, and more kept participants of all ages happy and hopping:

Seattle Family Photographer and Creative Children

As a Seattle family photographer I often create visual sketches for my future work with children and families.  This sketch recorded on an iPhone video (link below) happened unexpectedly when I had two visitors while enjoying practicing playing my drum on the beach.  That moment gave me an idea to create few portraits of children playing the drum:

Seattle Family Photographer and creative children

Seahawks' Seattle Victory Parade

Seahawks’ Seattle victory parade, Seattle, WA

I am a Seattle family photographer, however as a Seattleite I want to honor (with a blog post) this incredible event that means so much for Seattle and Seahawks fans. Yesterday’s  Seattle Seahawks victory parade drew close to 1 million! Hundreds of thousands of Seahawks fans gathered for cheering, chanting and festivities during a parade and ceremony to celebrate the first Super Bowl victory in the history of the franchise! The parade route was not stifled by temperatures in the 30s. While all cheered,  Marshawn Lynch threw packs of Skittles into the crowd, Richard Sherman showed off the Lombardi Trophy and Pete Carroll led the crowd in a loud “Sea- HAWKS ” chant. The energy of the crowd was insane or in the Beast Mode and I loved that I was part of it until the cold got to me and I could photograph no more… Here, my images from yesterday. I focused mostly on the players shortly after the parade started. Three photos from here were picked up by King 5 TV:

Beach Scene

New Year’s Reflections from a Seattle Family Photographer, Seattle, WA

It is interesting how our mind aligns with the Universe or the Universe aligns with our mind.
Yesterday was the first day of the New Year. I have been pondering and reflecting on things, perhaps more then on a “usual” day. While on a walk with my camera I saw literal reflections of people, kids and families. It was quite magical and simple and powerful to see. I took it as a confirmation and affirmation of my path.

Happy New Year! May it be a Grand One!


Happy Holidays from a Seattle Family Photographer!

I am a Seattle Family Photographer and I mostly make photos of people: parents with their children and kids solo or with each other. There are those rare occasions however, when I will photograph a landscape. Here, a breathtaking view of the Mountains by Gold Creek Pond in Snoqualmie, just outside the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area. What a stunning place to greet Solstice time, ponder about the ending year and bond with good friends!

And in short: Happy Holidays to you all!

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