Spontaneous Family Portraits, Seattle, WA

Family photography is what I love to do and it happens to be my work!  I am a photographer specializing in spontaneous family portraits.  Photographing children and parents involves both the predictable and the unknown.  My objective in every photo session is to create images that display spontaneity while also expressing the beauty and temperament of the subject. I am not people-shy. I am agile, involved, and active throughout the session.  I focus on the unexpected, humorous, or touching moments that arise during a session.  This spontaneity naturally occurs but can also be instigated through direction by me, the photographer.  Thus I call my style “directed photojournalism”- a balance between the carefree and the guided, with attention to composition and the uniqueness of each subject. All sessions take place under natural light.

Newborn Photography

Newborn photography, Seattle, WA

I am wishing for spring these days, despite the fact that it is still a long way away.   As of today, we are yet a few days from the longest and darkest winter’s night.
As a natural light photographer, I really do live for those perfect non- rainy days when I can photograph families in Seattle’s bountiful nature: in parks, by the water, with colorful Autumn leaves, and even with props that compliment families, and children, in particular.
Recently on a chilly afternoon as the rain was pouring down, I sat down to look at some of my earlier work.  I ran across a photo session done eight years ago with a couple and their newborn inside their home.
Rather than dwelling on gray skies, I got excited about the thought that I could once again photograph babies within their warm homes, while outdoors the rain beats sidelong across the windowpanes.   My next newsletter will be just about that topic, and before I know it Seattle’s dazzling spring with its perfect days will return, and with it, the ideal conditions for photographing families outside.





Birthday Party Photography

Birthday Party at Novelty Hill, Januik Winery, Woodinville, WA

This birthday party at Januik Winery in Woodinville, rocked! What a location! What a venue!  At noon, decadent wines were served to guests. While photographing, I lived vicariously watching adults sipping local and acclaimed Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay. Elegant and beautiful food was served as well. After the birthday cake, children delivered the best energy, playfulness and joy. Here, several images show what kids love so much: playing outside.

Wines by Novelty Hill Januik Winery, birthday cakes by Carla Reich of Honey Crumb Studio, venue party details by Elice’s creative parent.

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Seattle Volunteer Park

Seattle Doughnut. (Seattle Family Photography).

Yesterday I had a family session with repeat clients of mine. Everything worked with ease: the light was beautiful, the kids were in a great spirit, the parents were stylish. Towards the end of the session, the entire family was “pushing” the Seattle Doughnut. Tim encouraged his older daughter to keep pushing. At some point, she looked at him perplexed and said: “Daddy, it is attached.”

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Family Portrait Photography

Hello September! (Seattle Family Photography).

Hello September! Hello Golden Seattle Light! Special offer for September Family Photo Sessions is here! Schedule your September session w/ Anita and receive fancy 8×8 (20 page), hard cover photo book gratis!

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Children's Portrait Photography

Little Mug Shots- Portraits of children under natural light (Seattle Child Portraits).

A story behind Little Mug Shots: Collected over few years while working with families. I have never asked for a smile or any expression specifically. Whatever I received from the kids was captured and welcomed. Here just a few and a bottom link has many more:

Montage of Photographs

Toby has a sister- Seattle Toddler and a Newborn photography.

Last year it was just Toby with parents to photograph. The family has grown since last Fall. Now Toby has a sister. This time the family photography session was not that much about incorporating the subjects into the colors of Fall and the boats with white sails. It was mainly about their energy and feelings together as a family of 4 and keeping the background simple.

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Seattle portrait photography

“Leafaganza” as I call these family Autumn portraits (Seattle Family Photographer).

Hard to believe how bright yellow and festive it gets during late Autumn in Seattle! Muddy too….

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