Photography Workshop

Photography Workshop at Black Rapid Studio on June 28th, Seattle, WA

Spend a full day on June 28th developing an artistic feel for natural light photography while adding new skills to your creative process! This workshop is for photographers and photography enthusiasts who are seeking to improve their skills and consistently create high quality images.  Link for more information and registration:

Composing Powerful Images in Natural Light

Photography Coaching and Mentoring

Photography coaching and mentoring, Seattle, WA

I worked with Sal on image selection for his solo photography exhibit, on choosing the theme and how to present his images.
Of course he took my advice here and there and in the end he was running his own show yesterday at Wallingford Center in Seattle! Images were poetically titled and well displayed to a steady crowd of visitors.
So much work to have an art show, and then – there is gratification.

National Geographic Expeditions

Assisting for National Geographic Expeditions, Dubois, Wyoming

My assignment for National Geographic Expeditions in Wyoming was an incredible experience working alongside with two talented and accomplished photographers: Jay Dickman (National Geographic and Pulitzer Prize winning photographer who led the workshop) , Jeff Vanuga, who co-instructed and 24 students who came to learn each week. We all experienced  spectacular days, while at the scenic and historic CM Ranch in Dubois, WY.

Participants photographed working wranglers, horse drives, cowboys showing off their skills with lasso, details of western attire and various activities on the ranch .

Words from one student summarize well the time of learning with others in a stunning setting:

“Hello to all –

Thank you again for your time, energy, professionalism, and expertise. I learned more than I thought possible about photography, my camera, my computer, and myself. It was an experience I shall not forget any time soon.

I am looking forward to another workshop in the future.

Enjoy your summer and stay safe in your travels.”


Cowboy Photography

White shirt cowboy. Photography of the moment. Anita Nowacka Photography, Seattle, WA

I photographed him on my way home from Wyoming. He worked with grace and confidence. His gestures were soft and he held the rains lightly. He whistled gently to the animals. In thick dust he wore stylish attire. I felt I was watching a dancer on a horse.

Please, check the main website for more  images of spontaneous moments:

Fine Art Photography

When your work talks back to you….

When you work on an art piece, be it a poem, painting, or novel, when do you know you have something worth keeping, something that meets your artistic standards? For artists, this question is often hard to answer. My friend Scott, a musician, put it this way: “When you write piece of music and it starts talking back to you, you know it’s got a beating heart, it takes on a life of its own. It writes itself from then on”.
This concise description of the creative process felt particularly pertinent for me regarding this photo I took with a film camera – the image has always “talked back to me.”
Children's Photography

Aligned with a Seattle Horizon.

This image was made recently during the family photo session with Sheila, and her son, Jude. Few times, while looking at this photo, Sheila expressed her amazement about the stick alignment with The Seattle Horizon (yes, a Space Needle to the right). I agree, this belongs in the Meant to Be Category. Well, we could have set it up, but we did not have to….

Please, check the main website for more family images:

Detroit Photo Shoot

Detroit Photography trip follow up- did you know that Detroit was once called “The Paris of the Midwest”?

Recently, I traveled to Detroit with Ron Henry, the founder of BlackRapid, a Seattle based company, and a few other Photographers from all over the US (and one from Canada). The trip was about bringing awareness to the Detroit’s stray dog problem (some sources said: 50,000 – 100,000 of them). After a 3 day search for dogs in many neighborhoods we found 1 (one) stray dog. The video below says a bit more about what we encountered in Detroit. To sum it all up: the circumstances required that we transform the original idea into something else. The No Workshop Tour concept was born! The idea of No Workshop Tour is to learn photography by doing it, by exploring with others, by sharing ideas and thoughts while in the process of seeing and photographing rather then being in a classroom. In late October of 2011, chosen photographers will travel to New Orleans for the Halloween time to document The City’s beating heart: it’s magnificent, full-of-history places, and its people!

“Seven plane tickets to Detroit– $$$. Hotel, food, drinks– $$$. Meeting a bunch of awesome people, hanging with talented photographers, seeing a city in a whole new way, AND a group shot where Motown began? …… Priceless.” Jeff

“What a time to be able to just indulge in the time it takes to explore , explore, explore and to let one thing flow into the next and staying in the moment! Life in it’s perfect moments.” Mary

“If you have the opportunity to attend one of the No Workshop Tour – GO!!! You will grow, not only as a photographer, but in other ways… you might even be inspired to see a city, or any subject with a fresh set of eyes.
I can honestly guarantee you, it is well worth your time.” Jeanne

Ron Henry shoots Detroit

A Project: Bringing awareness to the Detroit’s stray dog problem.

It is estimated that there are about 50,000 homeless dogs wandering in certain areas of Detroit. Ron Henry (Seattle photographer and the founder of Black Rapid Company), other Photographers (from all over the United States) and I are going to create a visual story about the tireless efforts of DDR (Detroit Dog Rescue). The trip dates are: June 14th- 17th, 2011. A synopsis of the situation: Detroit Dog Rescue (only 20 or so devoted folks) works tirelessly on the issue and helps find loving homes rather then euthanize the dogs. We are going to Detroit to photograph and bring awareness to the dire situation. I will be writing about this more. My trip starts in few days. I am getting mentally ready…

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