Harley Davidson Family. (Seattle Family Photography).

This Family are repeat clients. I photographed a wedding within this Family, then a brand new child that they so awaited and few days ago a celebration of the Grandparents and their long marriage. Those guys are Harley Davidson riders. They are fun people. They love their dogs. They love their kids. They love their wheels dearly. I had a permanent grin on my face while photographing them during the latest photo session involving the entire family and The Harleys. After the work was done, I received a check and …. a bottle of primo Chopin Vodka. They know I am Polish. Whatever that means… Here is the preview from the photo session I so enjoyed:

Post Scriptum

After the photos were delivered, my Client wrote me a note:

“I love the photos and it is hard to pick a favorite. I really like one of my mom and her dog. It is so hard to get my mom to smile, and you really captured her. Also, the ones of my mom and dad on the motorcycle. They have really enjoyed their motorcycling days and it is nice to capture that as well. My dad just put his motorcycle up for sale, a hard thing for him to do. But, he has some vision issues and is concerned. I am so happy we were able to do the session when we did. Also love the group shots…. and ones of me. Like the jpg you sent me last! Thank you again Anita for your creative eye, and patience to work with the group”.  Susanne

Please, check the main website for more family images: www.anitanow.com

Originally published October 26, 2011