Newborn Photography

Newborn photography, Seattle, WA

I am wishing for spring these days, despite the fact that it is still a long way away.   As of today, we are yet a few days from the longest and darkest winter’s night.
As a natural light photographer, I really do live for those perfect non- rainy days when I can photograph families in Seattle’s bountiful nature: in parks, by the water, with colorful Autumn leaves, and even with props that compliment families, and children, in particular.
Recently on a chilly afternoon as the rain was pouring down, I sat down to look at some of my earlier work.  I ran across a photo session done eight years ago with a couple and their newborn inside their home.
Rather than dwelling on gray skies, I got excited about the thought that I could once again photograph babies within their warm homes, while outdoors the rain beats sidelong across the windowpanes.   My next newsletter will be just about that topic, and before I know it Seattle’s dazzling spring with its perfect days will return, and with it, the ideal conditions for photographing families outside.





Mother and Child Photography

Elegance of a Mother. Seattle Newborn Photography.


It was a photo session with a Mother and her Newborn daughter. We chose a Shilshole Beach in Seattle, WA for a location. The sun was being filtered through the clouds. The child needed to be fed. I photographed, and the crow walked into the image frame. While the breeze picked up few times, it was a quiet moment between us and that crow.

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Mother and Child Photography

Recent, Summer work. Seattle Family Photography.

It has been a busy Summer with Seattle Family Photography. I will be creating separate blog posts for each Family. In the meantime, however, selected few images here, along with a link to one session that took place on Alki Beach (in one spot, lasted an hour, was filled with ideas, creative energy and “meant to be moments”):

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Montage of Photographs

Toby has a sister- Seattle Toddler and a Newborn photography.

Last year it was just Toby with parents to photograph. The family has grown since last Fall. Now Toby has a sister. This time the family photography session was not that much about incorporating the subjects into the colors of Fall and the boats with white sails. It was mainly about their energy and feelings together as a family of 4 and keeping the background simple.

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Baby Portrait

Diana, Chloe and Bilbo dog (Seattle Newborn portraits).

When Diana and I were communicating about the upcoming photo session for her newborn baby Chloe, we discussed photographing in the hammock and making Bilbo, the Family Dog part of it as well. On a way out to my photography appointment I grabbed an antique fan from my desk, thinking it would perhaps fit with the garden scene, already hot morning and the hammock. It did. All fell into place and the rich and filtered August light added its final touch to the images.



Baby Photographer

Baby photography (Seattle Newborn Portraits).

No smile from you today!  But I heard plenty of smiles in the car on the way back home… And you know what Madi? That is just cool with me, because I like your portrait.

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Family portrait photography

“Perfect Light” for James and Anna (Seattle Child Photography).

This image of a father and daughter was made under what I call “The Perfect Light”. It is a natural light’s wonder… When everything is well illuminated, colors are accurate and wherever one stands, it is just perfect…

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Family portrait photography

Newborn Photography (Seattle Newborn portraits).

Roseanne and Dan are new parents. Roseanne used to model and she “poses” herself easily while photographed. She does not need many instructions to look natural, show plenty of emotions and she knows what slight tilt or twist to the body does to the image. What amazed me was how her husband, Daniel “behaved” in front of the camera. I would call Daniel, a graceful and hip father. A “natural” in front of the lens. He knows how to hold Roseanne and Shilo in a way that  his gestures add very much to the strength of the composition, strength of the images all together. It is beautiful and moving. Plus, check out the tattoos!

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