Photography Mentoring

If you are interested in taking your photography to a higher level, I offer personalized mentoring to help you create better, more impactful, and more memorable images. Intended for beginners and professionals alike, you will learn valuable information to enhance your skill and art.

My clients come from diverse backgrounds and have every kind of motivation: Some are hobbyists who have been photographing for awhile and would like a portfolio review to see where they stand. Others are professional photographers who want to up their game. Still others are photographers in need of editing suggestions and guidelines in selecting their work for an exhibit or an art show. And then there are parents who enjoy photographing their children and seek to create more artful images.

Each mentoring session is tailored to the unique needs of the client. I bring all of my experience, knowledge, and education to our work together, and I believe I can help anyone improve their photographic skills. If you have an idea for a session that you don’t see here, please contact me to create a custom session tailored to your specific needs.

“In one extremely organized, honest, and efficient hour, Anita gave me a new perspective and re-energized my faith in my own abilities. As a photographer, I can’t think of a better way to spend an hour of my time outside of snapping photos.”

Robert, Photo Mentoring client

“You have had an amazing impact on my life. You taught me things at the perfect time. Your take on art and photography is so applicable to a quality world view for everything else. The most powerful idea I continue to explore is “Everything you are is what you bring to every effort and encounter”. It is an incredible frame to be in when wanting to make the most difference.”

Flint, Photo Mentoring client

“Hello Anita, I am a student at the University of Washington Photography Program class which you came and spoke to last evening.  I have been an aspiring portrait photographer, and after listening to you, you have become such an inspiration to me.  Thanks for taking the time to come out and speak with us and being so open and honest about what makes you a successful photographer.  Your words,  have opened up my mind and have given me some direction.  Again, thank you, I only hope to one day be half the photographer/artist that you are.”

Drucille, Photography Program student

Photography Mentoring Packages

Package 1/Portfolio Review

In this session, I will review your available portfolio online (website, Instagram, Flicker portfolio – up to XX images) discuss strengths and weaknesses, and offer guidance. We will meet online or in person if feasible. I will answer your questions pertaining to the business of photography, marketing, SEO, and using images on social media.

One hour session: $250 / Additional hours: $150

Additional Hours

Package 2/Learning Miksang, The Mechanics of Seeing

First hour constitutes of a discussion about “what makes a strong image” and how to develop the qualities of mind to experience your own perception; stillness, openness, and receptivity while creating an image. Based on above, You will crate 10 new images for a review. During second hour of this training we will take a look at the images created and discuss their visual strengths and esthetics.

More about Miksang on my blog.

Two hour session: $450

Package 3/On-site Photo Session

Hire me to come along on your family photo session to observe YOUR process and offer guidance and direction.

Two hour session: $450

Package 4/ Travel Portfolio Editing Session

For those who travel and have gathered a substantial portfolio and wish to have an editing session designed to choose the strongest images for slideshows, presentations, or art exhibitions.

One hour session: $250 / Additional hours: $150

Package 5/Photo Session On-site Observation

Come along with me to MY family photo session and observe my photography process with clients. Follow-up time to sit down and discuss is included.

Two hour session: $300

Package 6/Create Strong Images Every Time: 3 Session Series

Over three, one-hour sessions, we will break down what makes a great image, including timeless photography principles and my personal tips & tricks. Session 1 is an in-person discussion, Session 2 is hands-on photography time, and Session 3 is an image evaluation/critique and review.

Three sessions: $550