As Father’s Day is approaching, I dedicate this to my friend James: In appreciation of The Full Time Father (Seattle Family Portraits).

Women have done it for centuries: full time care giving that is. I see and admire the work of Mothers everyday. With  Father’s Day approaching I would like to express admiration for a friend of mine, James, who is a stay-at-home dad. He takes care of his 2 children: Johannes (5 years old), and Anna (2 years of age). His days are filled with what every Mother’s day is filled with: mundane tasks, loads of laundry, smiles, a few tears, meltdowns, meal making routines, lots of love and more…  Some time ago I met James and children at Shilshole Beach in Seattle. Somehow I had the “perfect prop” in my car: a weightlifting barbell. We took it to the beach and James started lifting weights while Johannes hung from it. James said: “As a parent I feel like the mythical Atlas a lot, holding The Earth on my shoulders. Now, I feel it literally!”  James is a terrific full time father: understanding, thoughtful, positive, patient, forgiving, and loving. Happy Father’s Day James!

This story was run for Father’s Day at the Seattle’s Red Tricycle newsletter. Few editorial changes were made to the published story. For the original story, please go above.

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