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As Father’s Day is approaching, I dedicate this to my friend James: In appreciation of The Full Time Father (Seattle Family Portraits).

Women have done it for centuries: full time care giving that is. I see and admire the work of Mothers everyday. With  Father’s Day approaching I would like to express admiration for a friend of mine, James, who is a stay-at-home dad. He takes care of his 2 children: Johannes (5 years old), and Anna (2 years of age). His days are filled with what every Mother’s day is filled with: mundane tasks, loads of laundry, smiles, a few tears, meltdowns, meal making routines, lots of love and more…  Some time ago I met James and children at Shilshole Beach in Seattle. Somehow I had the “perfect prop” in my car: a weightlifting barbell. We took it to the beach and James started lifting weights while Johannes hung from it. James said: “As a parent I feel like the mythical Atlas a lot, holding The Earth on my shoulders. Now, I feel it literally!”  James is a terrific full time father: understanding, thoughtful, positive, patient, forgiving, and loving. Happy Father’s Day James!

This story was run for Father’s Day at the Seattle’s Red Tricycle newsletter. Few editorial changes were made to the published story. For the original story, please go above.

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Montage of Photographs

Toby has a sister- Seattle Toddler and a Newborn photography.

Last year it was just Toby with parents to photograph. The family has grown since last Fall. Now Toby has a sister. This time the family photography session was not that much about incorporating the subjects into the colors of Fall and the boats with white sails. It was mainly about their energy and feelings together as a family of 4 and keeping the background simple.

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Seattle portrait photography

“Leafaganza” as I call these family Autumn portraits (Seattle Family Photographer).

Hard to believe how bright yellow and festive it gets during late Autumn in Seattle! Muddy too….

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Seattle Child Photographer

Low Winter afternoon light (Seattle Family Portraits).

My client suggested a certain location for her family photography ( her friend had a lovely photo session at Bothel area in Seattle with her family). At first, I thought: “Oh, why travel further then to Arboretum, Gas Works Park or Lake Washington area?” Then, my curiosity for new angles won over and I “landed” my car at Bothel Landing in Seattle, making this image with low Winter light. The background is almost 3 D with trees reflecting in the water, confluence in the distance and my subjects in the foreground.  I welcome this image to my portfolio!

Top Child Photographers

Aww…, this Seattle rain!

Today, early morning family photo session. We began on a bridge that is every photographer’s dream for composing images. As we just started building energy with each other, running around with Chloe, the rain said its familiar Northwest hello. Oh, well….. We will resume soon again, but here just few images captured:


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Mother and Child Portrait

Wyoming golden light and Toddler Photography.

The Western Light made my heart beat faster during this recent photo session. In Seattle, I use reflectors in portrait photography, to bring in some of the gold. In Wyoming however, it is just there, majestically reflecting off of sun burnt grasses and the copper mountains. My subjects: a local photographer, Lindsay with her 9 months old daughter Ashlyn.

Baby Portrait

Diana, Chloe and Bilbo dog (Seattle Newborn portraits).

When Diana and I were communicating about the upcoming photo session for her newborn baby Chloe, we discussed photographing in the hammock and making Bilbo, the Family Dog part of it as well. On a way out to my photography appointment I grabbed an antique fan from my desk, thinking it would perhaps fit with the garden scene, already hot morning and the hammock. It did. All fell into place and the rich and filtered August light added its final touch to the images.



Baby Photographer

Baby photography (Seattle Newborn Portraits).

No smile from you today!  But I heard plenty of smiles in the car on the way back home… And you know what Madi? That is just cool with me, because I like your portrait.

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Family portrait photography

Newborn Photography (Seattle Newborn portraits).

Roseanne and Dan are new parents. Roseanne used to model and she “poses” herself easily while photographed. She does not need many instructions to look natural, show plenty of emotions and she knows what slight tilt or twist to the body does to the image. What amazed me was how her husband, Daniel “behaved” in front of the camera. I would call Daniel, a graceful and hip father. A “natural” in front of the lens. He knows how to hold Roseanne and Shilo in a way that  his gestures add very much to the strength of the composition, strength of the images all together. It is beautiful and moving. Plus, check out the tattoos!

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