Location, Location, Location… Family photography session in Georgetown, Seattle, WA

You might have heard people say that location is the most important thing for a business. Then, the next most important is … location. All true in photography as well or speaking from my experience: in family photography. Kids and parents open up in front of a camera more if the location of the photo session takes place in a playful setting, among many props and colors that surprise the eye. Georgetown in Seattle never disappoints. The rough-around-the-edges Seattle district has much to offer for any photographer. To me, a family photographer, Georgetown is an urban goldmine of textures, old buildings, objects, and is never boring where rustic walls or graffiti serve as a perfect backdrop. I often like to start my photography session from a yellow leather couch at the well-known by now All City Coffee (where baristas  know how to smooth out their espresso, where chai is spicy and day’s assortment of motorcycles is parked out front while all kinds of resident artists and free thinkers enjoy their beverage) and then venture from there to find more, and be amazed and amused. Georgetown rocks!

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