Bike Joy. Spontanious Family Portrait Photography- Seattle, WA.

Some things have changed a lot since I was a toddler: technology for sure. Kid’s toys look so sophisticated these days and they are equipped with many gadgets. One thing stays the same though: The Joy of Playing! When I was making this family portrait recently, the tricycle came along with few other toys to use as props. It was an early morning photography session and when the frost on the Kirkland dock was almost gone, the trike came to the scene and Chloe’s face lit up and a permanent smile appeared. While I was photographing her speeding up, slowing down, smiling and being cautioned by her watchful parents my own memories of  biking as a child came into mind. I know that my bike riding days were the most powerful times for me. That was the first time I tasted being free, going fast and taking chances on my own. Back then, bike helmets were not “in vogue” yet…. Hey, Chloe, BTW where is your helmet since The Times have changed, indeed?!

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