Family photos for a photographer friend, Seattle, WA

Savanah is an incredible photographer.  Savanah is an incredible mother.  She is an incredible person and a dear friend.  She has two fabulous daughters.  Her daughters took a break from their busy lives and came back home to visit their mother.  I offered to make photos.  We photographed by The Moonbeam, a vintage trailer that has been with the family for many years.  The trailer let them travel in comfort  into many stunning , breathtaking and remote places and remains a family cherished possession and a symbol of good times and togetherness.  And there was Max too.  A relatively new addition to the Moonbeam Team: a gentle mutt with thoughtful eyes and agreeable spirit.

F11111SavanahKent 2138

F11111SavanahKent 2143

F11111SavanahKent 2206

F11111SavanahKent 2238

F11111SavanahKent 2269

F11111SavanahKent 2283

F11111SavanahKent 2395

F11111SavanahKent 2424

F11111SavanahKent 2450

F11111SavanahKent 2481

F11111SavanahKent 2571