When your work talks back to you….

When you work on an art piece, be it a poem, painting, or novel, when do you know you have something worth keeping, something that meets your artistic standards? For artists, this question is often hard to answer. My friend Scott, a musician, put it this way: “When you write piece of music and it starts talking back to you, you know it’s got a beating heart, it takes on a life of its own. It writes itself from then on”.
This concise description of the creative process felt particularly pertinent for me regarding this photo I took with a film camera – the image has always “talked back to me.”





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  1. Andy T. Avatar

    Beautiful words to match the gradients, curves and composition of this shot.

    1. Anita Nowacka Avatar

      Thank you Andy. Few days ago, I had a conversation with a friend about the subject of: “how do you know”, or “when do you know” things are done, or done well and who to rely on in telling us about it….. Scott wrote that quoted above line and reminded me that it all goes back to us and ourselves to rely on.