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When your work talks back to you….

When you work on an art piece, be it a poem, painting, or novel, when do you know you have something worth keeping, something that meets your artistic standards? For artists, this question is often hard to answer. My friend Scott, a musician, put it this way: “When you write piece of music and it starts talking back to you, you know it’s got a beating heart, it takes on a life of its own. It writes itself from then on”.
This concise description of the creative process felt particularly pertinent for me regarding this photo I took with a film camera – the image has always “talked back to me.”
Father and Daughter Photography

Margo with Father (Seattle Family Photography).

This image dates back to film days of photography. Seems like not so long ago, however so much has changed since photographers loaded film into cameras. In this image: Margo with her Dad. Their family photo session was captured with 2 rolls of film: one black and white and one color. 70 and some exposures and one love!

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Maternity Portraits

Maternity session contact sheet (Seattle black and white Family Portraits).

Medium format black and white images from maternity session with Tricia and Todd. Film photography… I am thrilled whenever comes the time to put a roll of film into my Hasselblad.

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