The laws are different for those who fall in love! Superior Court Wedding, Seattle, WA

You would think that a short wedding at Seattle’s Superior Court downtown would be a mundane affair. But even with all the rules and regulations, that are tightly written and firmly enforced, exceptions are still made for love.

 When I went there to photograph a wedding a couple of weeks ago, the guards loosened up big time. This is what they let through: a bulky carbon fiber tripod, photo gear with all the sundry metal trappings and a  bottle of champagne with two flute glasses.

 What didn’t make it through? The heavy buckle on my belt which set off the alarm. I was obliged to take my belt off, and just as I was  putting it back on, the bride and groom arrived. I don’t usually fidget with my pants while talking to clients –  but the thought did cross my mind that when photographing a wedding at the Superior Court things don’t go by the usual strict rules.  All obstacles had now been overcome, or so we thought, until we discovered a second witness was needed during the signing procedures to make it all air tight and legal. Everyone’s eyes turned toward me, and I realized that sometimes a photographer has to do double duty at a wedding.

 After that photos were made around the courthouse and champagne was consumed in public. I am telling you: the laws are different for those who fall in love!

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