Stoicism of the Boats at The Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle.

I visited the Center for Wooden Boats in the heart of Seattle often. The area used to be rustic and not touched much by the Seattle’s modern development. There, I photographed wooden boats that showed nothing but being at ease with what was. Those weathered, old, scavenged from- all- over vessels were serene and peaceful, no matter what the outside world was like, no matter what season, no matter what their past… . I walked around and looked for angles that would show the stoicism and what seemed, a “light attitude” that boats had at all times. The photography process itself grounded me  with its staple heron bird on its skinny legs overlooking the site. I was visually attracted to close up views; images of elements that somehow conveyed more about the subject then the full boat image would. It confirmed Mies van der Rohe’s motto: “less is more.”

02 Marine 49 1

02 Marine 45 1

02 Marine 38 1

02 Marine 34 1

02 Marine 32 1

02 Marine 28 1

02 Marine 21 1

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02 Marine 111 1

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