“Good Pictures” – Seattle, WA.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by The House Studios based in Seattle. They run a blog series which highlights different photographers and filmmakers that create “Good Pictures.” The concept behind Good Pictures is “to showcase those artists who produce good imagery and to bring back an appreciation for photos that are not only visually appetizing, but executed, produced and done well” wrote The Studio Assistant in her first correspondence with me. It is great to be appreciated for the work that we do!

“Sentimental and intimate, Anita Nowacka‘s family-oriented imagery has a unique way of capturing special, spontaneous moments between loved ones. Her portfolio is brimming with active portraiture that is both moving, imaginative, and seamlessly entwined with the natural elements of the beautiful Pacific Northwest.” The House Studios

Please, check the main website for more family images: www.anitanow.com

Boat Paddle

Stoicism of the Boats at The Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle.

I visited the Center for Wooden Boats in the heart of Seattle often. The area used to be rustic and not touched much by the Seattle’s modern development. There, I photographed wooden boats that showed nothing but being at ease with what was. Those weathered, old, scavenged from- all- over vessels were serene and peaceful, no matter what the outside world was like, no matter what season, no matter what their past… . I walked around and looked for angles that would show the stoicism and what seemed, a “light attitude” that boats had at all times. The photography process itself grounded me  with its staple heron bird on its skinny legs overlooking the site. I was visually attracted to close up views; images of elements that somehow conveyed more about the subject then the full boat image would. It confirmed Mies van der Rohe’s motto: “less is more.”

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