Symbolic image. We all have to reach a goal
Kid on a swing
Siblings having a laugh
Boy eating an apple while sitting on my car. Sometimes my tolerance spreads wide.
Girl blowing dandelions while the beauitful Seattle Autumn light was setting in
Sibblings racing towards me becuase I asked them to run towards me over and over again.
Girl playing guitar
Boy being creative with field flowers
Boy with arms extended in welcoming gesture
Being silly with a little brother while playing at Golden Gardens in Seattle
A boy playing with white berreis during family portrait session.
Sisters just about to enjoy a watermelon
Smiling away with an accorrdion and lavender
Kids posing while ferry boat arrives to the dock in West Seattle.
Being playful with father's guitar case.
Sibblings pondering about some answers to questions I asked.
Busy boy with trout cought that day
Anita Nowacka photo of sister and brother during graduation date
Anita Nowacka Photo of brothers watching ducks