Making Portraits of the Bride and Groom after the Wedding. Seattle, WA

Rachael found my Seattle photography business through a Google search and got in touch with me. She said that she was not happy with the photos that she had received from the photographer she had hired to document her wedding. Rachael had a unique idea. She asked if we could create fresh portraits with her new husband, Randy. She also wanted the session to be a surprise.

I was honored to be the photographer chosen to remake such important photos.

For their first anniversary, Rachael and Randy made a date for brunch at Seattle’s Space Needle. After the meal, Rachael stepped away to change into her wedding dress. You can only imagine Randy’s surprise when she appeared at the table. Of course, there was wedding attire waiting for him as well.

This time, there were no guests, no bridesmaids or groomsmen, no bouquet  nor wedding cake. There was, however, much love and laughter while we took the photos – on a day which coincided with the Seahawks’s playoffs (hence the twelve man flag photo). Our session came to an end with a backdrop provided by another colorful wall at EMP Museum. There we experienced a sudden, unexpected reenactment of Marilyn Monroe’s iconic portrait, as Rachael’s skirt, too, wafted upward on a blast of air. Randy loved it, unlike Joe DiMaggio!

Being hired for such an important assignment was an awesome experience for me. I have the satisfaction of knowing that Rachael and Randy have “wedding” portraits which they will enjoy and cherish forever. Although they were taken after the actual wedding, what really matters is the love and sense of humor they displayed, and, of course, Rachael’s idea, which saved the day!