Assisting for National Geographic Expeditions, Dubois, Wyoming

My assignment for National Geographic Expeditions in Wyoming was an incredible experience working alongside with two talented and accomplished photographers: Jay Dickman (National Geographic and Pulitzer Prize winning photographer who led the workshop) , Jeff Vanuga, who co-instructed and 24 students who came to learn each week. We all experienced  spectacular days, while at the scenic and historic CM Ranch in Dubois, WY.

Participants photographed working wranglers, horse drives, cowboys showing off their skills with lasso, details of western attire and various activities on the ranch .

Words from one student summarize well the time of learning with others in a stunning setting:

“Hello to all –

Thank you again for your time, energy, professionalism, and expertise. I learned more than I thought possible about photography, my camera, my computer, and myself. It was an experience I shall not forget any time soon.

I am looking forward to another workshop in the future.

Enjoy your summer and stay safe in your travels.”


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