Photography Workshop

Photography Workshop at Black Rapid Studio on June 28th, Seattle, WA

Spend a full day on June 28th developing an artistic feel for natural light photography while adding new skills to your creative process! This workshop is for photographers and photography enthusiasts who are seeking to improve their skills and consistently create high quality images.  Link for more information and registration:

Composing Powerful Images in Natural Light

Photography Coaching and Mentoring

Photography coaching and mentoring, Seattle, WA

I worked with Sal on image selection for his solo photography exhibit, on choosing the theme and how to present his images.
Of course he took my advice here and there and in the end he was running his own show yesterday at Wallingford Center in Seattle! Images were poetically titled and well displayed to a steady crowd of visitors.
So much work to have an art show, and then – there is gratification.

Flowers on Boat

Finding a visual story within the ordinary. Photography coaching sessions, Seattle, WA

Another photography coaching session this morning with a soon to be art student (with emphasis on photography in her school program). The objective was to find a visual story within an ordinary setting, with an emphasis on deliberate composition. We photographed together for 30 min and then shared the images and discussed them over coffee. A great morning at work!


 “Being intentional, coming up with a story beforehand helps me not to waste time, think about what I want to say visually, struggled with that before, photos come easier when you know what you’re looking for before you make an image.”

Kendall, an 18 year old art student, regarding what she gained from photography coaching sessions with me.


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