Heli Ski Wedding

Telluride Wedding (Seattle extreme sport wedding Photography).

Telluride’s history is colorful and rich. Once a remote but thriving gold mining area, today Telluride mines a different gold…. The area has a reputation for world class skiing and stunning ambiance of breathtaking 360 degree mountain views. It is a destination and home for artists, skiers, celebrities and just about “any other human type you could imagine” as an online source states. Kari and Todd’s  “Amazing Telluride Wedding” lasted a few days with many adventures included. Heli-skiing was one of them, led by the local business: “Helitrax”. Oh … btw, a stunning bridal dress by Luly Yang Couture, Seattle, WA.

Gothic Halloween Wedding

The Ultimate Halloween Wedding Bash. Gothic Wedding.

The rain has never let up on this Halloween weekend in Seattle. In fact, if you looked outside the window and wished for less of it, it would rain harder. When I began  Alexis and Stephen’s Victorian wedding  photography on Saturday afternoon, I wished for clear skies at first, but then with every photo made, I realized that the heavy rain, milky fog hanging in the air was the best nature’s gift for the theme of their wedding. It added more character to it, enhanced the atmosphere and the dark spirit of the Halloween weekend. Top hats, fans, parasols, corsets, details and creativity all around! This was photographer’s dream to capture. And yes, my cameras were rained on, but without the rain, the images would have not looked the same: Gothic- like and intense. Alexis and Stephen got married at Parsons Garden (the “secret garden that isn’t quite so secret”), Queen Anne, Seattle. Reception took place at the Columbia Tower. Flowers: Aria Style.

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