Creative Photography

Creative Seattle Family, Seattle, WA

This family is creative to say the least. I met them through Facebook. I have been following their inventive posts and finally got to photograph them in their cardboard robot costumes made for last year’s Halloween. When I asked the father, a graphic designer, how long did it take to make such detailed robot costumes, he said: “at some point the time blended in together and I stopped counting the hours.” His wife just chuckled and looked lovingly back at him. I caught that look before she put on the robot head piece on…. Photos from the Robot Family Session, soon. For now, just a preview of the family that enjoys time together through art that they create. Working with them inspired me. A bonus to me, a family photographer, always in need of a new vision and an inspiration.

Photography Coaching and Mentoring

Photography coaching and mentoring, Seattle, WA

I worked with Sal on image selection for his solo photography exhibit, on choosing the theme and how to present his images.
Of course he took my advice here and there and in the end he was running his own show yesterday at Wallingford Center in Seattle! Images were poetically titled and well displayed to a steady crowd of visitors.
So much work to have an art show, and then – there is gratification.

Gay and Lesbian Wedding Photographer

They are wife and wife now! Seattle, WA Wedding Photography

Daphne and Emily celebrated their love amongst the cherry blossoms.

 Beautiful brides, fabulous people, so much love, incredible food by Berbere Food Artistry, hand made soaps, trays of cupcakes by Sol Semilla, music by Miles and Karina. Flowers by nature, family and friends.  Just few photos for now to share the love! It was an honor to document their wedding.

Photography Promotion

New Marketing Material for my Family Photography business, Seattle, WA

Such a relief to outsource at times ( to a great source….) while being in biz for yourself. My set of marketing cards is ready. Graphic designer I worked with did a marvelous work with simple design, message, researching the right paper, local printer and all that jazz that matters in the end! Feels good to hold my new cards, feels good to let them go into the world! Voila!

Wintertime Children's Photography

Seattle’s snow and kid photography. Seattle, WA

Seattle’s snow comes in two times a year for a brief moment and covers the Earth for just enough time to hear a crunch under your boots, to roll down the hill or make a snow man – a dirty snow man, with all the ground picked up in the process of making… I was not commissioned to make these portraits. These are neighborhood kids doing their snow carpe diem while it all lasted: just few hours.

Wedding Photography

Making Portraits of the Bride and Groom after the Wedding. Seattle, WA

Rachael found my Seattle photography business through a Google search and got in touch with me. She said that she was not happy with the photos that she had received from the photographer she had hired to document her wedding. Rachael had a unique idea. She asked if we could create fresh portraits with her new husband, Randy. She also wanted the session to be a surprise.

I was honored to be the photographer chosen to remake such important photos.

For their first anniversary, Rachael and Randy made a date for brunch at Seattle’s Space Needle. After the meal, Rachael stepped away to change into her wedding dress. You can only imagine Randy’s surprise when she appeared at the table. Of course, there was wedding attire waiting for him as well.

This time, there were no guests, no bridesmaids or groomsmen, no bouquet  nor wedding cake. There was, however, much love and laughter while we took the photos – on a day which coincided with the Seahawks’s playoffs (hence the twelve man flag photo). Our session came to an end with a backdrop provided by another colorful wall at EMP Museum. There we experienced a sudden, unexpected reenactment of Marilyn Monroe’s iconic portrait, as Rachael’s skirt, too, wafted upward on a blast of air. Randy loved it, unlike Joe DiMaggio!

Being hired for such an important assignment was an awesome experience for me. I have the satisfaction of knowing that Rachael and Randy have “wedding” portraits which they will enjoy and cherish forever. Although they were taken after the actual wedding, what really matters is the love and sense of humor they displayed, and, of course, Rachael’s idea, which saved the day!

Seahawks' Seattle Victory Parade

Seahawks’ Seattle victory parade, Seattle, WA

I am a Seattle family photographer, however as a Seattleite I want to honor (with a blog post) this incredible event that means so much for Seattle and Seahawks fans. Yesterday’s  Seattle Seahawks victory parade drew close to 1 million! Hundreds of thousands of Seahawks fans gathered for cheering, chanting and festivities during a parade and ceremony to celebrate the first Super Bowl victory in the history of the franchise! The parade route was not stifled by temperatures in the 30s. While all cheered,  Marshawn Lynch threw packs of Skittles into the crowd, Richard Sherman showed off the Lombardi Trophy and Pete Carroll led the crowd in a loud “Sea- HAWKS ” chant. The energy of the crowd was insane or in the Beast Mode and I loved that I was part of it until the cold got to me and I could photograph no more… Here, my images from yesterday. I focused mostly on the players shortly after the parade started. Three photos from here were picked up by King 5 TV:

Beach Scene

New Year’s Reflections from a Seattle Family Photographer, Seattle, WA

It is interesting how our mind aligns with the Universe or the Universe aligns with our mind.
Yesterday was the first day of the New Year. I have been pondering and reflecting on things, perhaps more then on a “usual” day. While on a walk with my camera I saw literal reflections of people, kids and families. It was quite magical and simple and powerful to see. I took it as a confirmation and affirmation of my path.

Happy New Year! May it be a Grand One!

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