Happy Holidays from a Seattle Family Photographer!

I am a Seattle Family Photographer and I mostly make photos of people: parents with their children and kids solo or with each other. There are those rare occasions however, when I will photograph a landscape. Here, a breathtaking view of the Mountains by Gold Creek Pond in Snoqualmie, just outside the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area. What a stunning place to greet Solstice time, ponder about the ending year and bond with good friends!

And in short: Happy Holidays to you all!

Children's Photography

Children Photography and The Lights of the Holiday Season, Seattle, WA

I remember being a child and being mesmerized by a Holiday twinkle. My father took a photo of me jaw dropping, while looking at the lit up Xmas tree. Decades later, even though so much has changed in this fast paced world, being mesmerized by a Holiday twinkle remains….

Family Photography

Autumn Family Photography, Seattle, WA

Autumn Family Photography in Seattle equals magic! This season, surrounded by the breathtaking colors of the Northwest, I created a series of photographs with the participation of my remarkable subjects, parents, children and dogs, under Seattle’s extraordinary Autumnal light.

Children's Portrait Photography

Autumn and Kid photography. Seattle, WA

Hats off. Hats on. Hat off and on, over and over again. The in-between is what most interested me. This is just a preview of autumnal children’s portraits I have been making this season. When time allows, there will be a blog post and more photos which show off Seattle’s glorious fall colors, children and families.

Family Photography

A bit of a Summer sum up. Seattle, WA Family Photography

Summer is on its last leg and this image was made in the beginning of it.
It was a good one for me, with many friendships and wishes made. A few interesting roads were traveled as well. Hope the same goes for you. I look forward to more as I watch shadows get longer while I photograph families this Fall.

National Geographic Expeditions

Assisting for National Geographic Expeditions, Dubois, Wyoming

My assignment for National Geographic Expeditions in Wyoming was an incredible experience working alongside with two talented and accomplished photographers: Jay Dickman (National Geographic and Pulitzer Prize winning photographer who led the workshop) , Jeff Vanuga, who co-instructed and 24 students who came to learn each week. We all experienced  spectacular days, while at the scenic and historic CM Ranch in Dubois, WY.

Participants photographed working wranglers, horse drives, cowboys showing off their skills with lasso, details of western attire and various activities on the ranch .

Words from one student summarize well the time of learning with others in a stunning setting:

“Hello to all –

Thank you again for your time, energy, professionalism, and expertise. I learned more than I thought possible about photography, my camera, my computer, and myself. It was an experience I shall not forget any time soon.

I am looking forward to another workshop in the future.

Enjoy your summer and stay safe in your travels.”


Film Stills

Jasin Boland, Motion Picture Still Photographer in Seattle! Seattle, WA

Jasin Boland is the one who photographed the poster images for The Matrix, Bourne Supremacy, and Mission Impossible. I was part of the workshop where he talked about his fascinating life as a movie Still Photographer. He is a true inspiration to photographers. He is charismatic, humble, funny and ready to share his photography knowledge with those who are curious. I told him he was an inspiration. He said: “Thank you, but I have ways to go.” His answer amused me and impressed me. Here are several photos from the all day workshop with Jasin Boland. It was interesting to see him as a teacher, friend to others and just a pleasant guy to be around.

Workshop was hosted by Black Rapid Inc. in Seattle.

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