Wedding Photography from old film days vs today’s digital ways.

I have been looking through old albums of mine – my photography from years ago when film was the only way. Much has changed since the T- Max days ( my fave film). Sometimes I go back and revisit in my mind how precise the film photography had to be. Precise with composition, the energy of the subject and the light. Not paying attention was costly. It could easily turn into many rolls of film and big $ numbers at the lab. My commercial photography is created digitally 100% as of now but I am glad that my first training in photography was with film. I am still careful how I make my exposures, even though digitally.

Sandra and Peter’s wedding. Marysville, near Seattle. Seems like so many years ago. Ron Henry was the main photographer. I was just “covering” his back…


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  1. london wedding photojournalism Avatar

    So nice, i love your processing.

    1. Anita Nowacka Avatar

      Thank you Mark. These days processing can be almost an endless road but I am happy where I stop and call it good with my images. Btw, really like your London recent wedding. Bravo.

  2. James R MacLean Avatar
    James R MacLean

    I’ve kept coming back to this post. The last image is deeply moving…it seems like it’s captured the deep psychological undertow of tenderness.

    1. Anita Nowacka Avatar

      I know what you mean.