Runner (Seattle Child Portrait).

Cloudy day again in Seattle and sweaters are back on! At least for the beginning of the photo session. I am really pleased with the image where Johannes runs with his father. Boy chasing his dad playfully through what seems to be a sea of grass. Simple image but with lots of energy and colors. Just like I wish for my family photo sessions to be.


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  1. James R MacLean Avatar
    James R MacLean

    It was really wonderful to have these photos taken. Anna Grace and Johann loved the experience and Johann in particular was delighted with the images.

    Thank you for making a gloomy day magical!

  2. Anita Nowacka Avatar

    What a team work that was! Thank you guys. I still smile remembering Johann lifting the heavy statue of Budda and Anna just patiently looking around. The image of you and him running is fantastic! I love it. My fave from the session. Anita.