Rain and Crocodile tears (Unique Family portraits in Seattle).

I have always wanted to work a family photo session in an absolute downpour. The rain was here this morning and everyone was up for it. I made a lot of images of running over the puddles, but this one I liked the most. Disclaimer comes along: Crocodile tears were over “an ice cream NOW”…

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  1. Diana McFarlane Avatar
    Diana McFarlane

    And she got her ice cream! She was a trooper through a wet and fun photo session yesterday. This is such a great picture because it really captures Abby’s intense emotions.

    1. Anita Nowacka Avatar

      That ice cream was well earned! Indeed a trooper to keep going with a fresh attitude from “theme” to “theme” for such a long time and again: in the rain.

  2. Jill Randall Avatar
    Jill Randall

    So true Diana, it is so Abby! I love it. I bet she had a great time stomping in the mud puddles.

    1. Anita Nowacka Avatar

      Yes, Abby’s mind is busy. I like it. I look forward to photographing the children in the late October again. Rest of the photos will come soooon! Anita.