Hasselblad Portraits (Seattle Family Portraits with pets).

Hasselblad “box” is a powerful photography tool. Images created with this by now famous and highly acclaimed medium format camera are of striking quality. Famous American photographers like Irving Penn, Annie Leibovitz, Michael Kenna have been using this particular equipment throughout their breathtaking careers.

I have been making images with a Hasselblad for almost a decade now. I indeed enjoy the quality it delivers. It’s square format print is classic and elegant. Here is the example of my latest work commissioned by Seattle’s renowned dog photographer: Bev Sparks / her dog photography was featured by Oprah in her TV show in 2007 /. Images below were made under natural light, during the early morning time. 2 rolls of film were exposed and the triptych was made. Here, Bev Sparks with Snooky, a beloved dog:

3FramedWeb 1

2FramedWeb 1