When your work talks back to you….

When you work on an art piece, be it a poem, painting, or novel, when do you know you have something worth keeping, something that meets your artistic standards? For artists, this question is often hard to answer. My friend Scott, a musician, put it this way: “When you write piece of music and it starts talking back to you, you know it’s got a beating heart, it takes on a life of its own. It writes itself from then on”.
This concise description of the creative process felt particularly pertinent for me regarding this photo I took with a film camera – the image has always “talked back to me.”


A Triptych – Seattle Children Photography.

Children move so fast and change their expressions continuously. That is, of course true during family photo sessions as well. Triptych is a fine way of gathering the best of a subject’s moods for active story telling. In these photos Irene was captured while she took a break from hot tub play time with other kids. I made several exposures of her and I chose 3 to show her being direct, thoughtful, and playful.

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