Elegance of a Mother. Seattle Newborn Photography.


It was a photo session with a Mother and her Newborn daughter. We chose a Shilshole Beach in Seattle, WA for a location. The sun was being filtered through the clouds. The child needed to be fed. I photographed, and the crow walked into the image frame. While the breeze picked up few times, it was a quiet moment between us and that crow.

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Recent, Summer work. Seattle Family Photography.

It has been a busy Summer with Seattle Family Photography. I will be creating separate blog posts for each Family. In the meantime, however, selected few images here, along with a link to one session that took place on Alki Beach (in one spot, lasted an hour, was filled with ideas, creative energy and “meant to be moments”):

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Aligned with a Seattle Horizon.

This image was made recently during the family photo session with Sheila, and her son, Jude. Few times, while looking at this photo, Sheila expressed her amazement about the stick alignment with The Seattle Horizon (yes, a Space Needle to the right). I agree, this belongs in the Meant to Be Category. Well, we could have set it up, but we did not have to….


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Detroit Photography trip follow up- did you know that Detroit was once called “The Paris of the Midwest”?

Recently, I traveled to Detroit with Ron Henry, the founder of BlackRapid, a Seattle based company, and a few other Photographers from all over the US (and one from Canada). The trip was about bringing awareness to the Detroit’s stray dog problem (some sources said: 50,000 – 100,000 of them). After a 3 day search for dogs in many neighborhoods we found 1 (one) stray dog. The video below says a bit more about what we encountered in Detroit. To sum it all up: the circumstances required that we transform the original idea into something else. The No Workshop Tour concept was born! The idea of No Workshop Tour is to learn photography by doing it, by exploring with others, by sharing ideas and thoughts while in the process of seeing and photographing rather then being in a classroom. In late October of 2011, chosen photographers will travel to New Orleans for the Halloween time to document The City’s beating heart: it’s magnificent, full-of-history places, and its people! Stay tuned for more information on “No Workshop Tour”, here: Video:


Photographers Go to Detroit




“Seven plane tickets to Detroit– $$$. Hotel, food, drinks– $$$. Meeting a bunch of awesome people, hanging with talented photographers, seeing a city in a whole new way, AND a group shot where Motown began? …… Priceless.” Jeff


“What a time to be able to just indulge in the time it takes to explore , explore, explore and to let one thing flow into the next and staying in the moment! Life in it’s perfect moments.” Mary


“If you have the opportunity to attend one of the No Workshop Tour – GO!!! You will grow, not only as a photographer, but in other ways… you might even be inspired to see a city, or any subject with a fresh set of eyes.
I can honestly guarantee you, it is well worth your time.” Jeanne

Photographers Go to Detroit