Let him eat cake…. Kid party photography (Seattle Child Portrait Photography).

An ode to sugar…….. Photographing children partying is a blast. Here, a triptych while a little guest enjoys his cake. Between each bite he left the table to socialize a bit, then he was back for more treats. His left hand looks like he plays a piano while diving into the cake.

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Little Mug Shots- Portraits of children under natural light (Seattle Child Portraits).

A story behind Little Mug Shots: Collected over few years while working with families. I have never asked for a smile or any expression specifically. Whatever I received from the kids was captured and welcomed. Here just a few and a bottom link has many more:

Toby has a sister- Seattle Toddler and a Newborn photography.

Last year it was just Toby with parents to photograph. The family has grown since last Fall. Now Toby has a sister. This time the family photography session was not that much about incorporating the subjects into the colors of Fall and the boats with white sails. It was mainly about their energy and feelings together as a family of 4 and keeping the background simple.

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Unknown Family and one photo.

I was swimming laps at the warm ponds. The mother was hugging her child and enjoying the warmth of the Hawaiian evening. I was through with my swim and asked if I could take a photo of them. The father joined in and a family portrait was made. I don’t know if i ever hear from them.  They were from Denmark, taking a road trip.


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