Spring is in the Air! Seattle Family Portraits.

Awesome Dads with their awesome Kids painting eggs (and each others faces) yesterday to celebrate new and great times that Spring brings. Goddess Estre ( the word Easter is derived from her name) would be proud!

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Stoicism of the Boats at The Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle.

I visited the Center for Wooden Boats in the heart of Seattle often. The area used to be rustic and not touched much by the Seattle’s modern development. There, I photographed wooden boats that showed nothing but being at ease with what was. Those weathered, old, scavenged from- all- over vessels were serene and peaceful, no matter what the outside world was like, no matter what season, no matter what their past… . I walked around and looked for angles that would show the stoicism and what seemed, a “light attitude” that boats had at all times. The photography process itself grounded meĀ  with its staple heron bird on its skinny legs overlooking the site. I was visually attracted to close up views; images of elements that somehow conveyed more about the subject then the full boat image would. It confirmed Mies van der Rohe’s motto: “less is more.”

Bellame’s expressions ( 35 mm film work). Seattle Child Portrait photography.

So many of them in such a short time.


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