Diana, Chloe and Bilbo dog (Seattle Newborn portraits).

When Diana and I were communicating about the upcoming photo session for her newborn baby Chloe, we discussed photographing in the hammock and making Bilbo, the Family Dog part of it as well. On a way out to my photography appointment I grabbed an antique fan from my desk, thinking it would perhaps fit with the garden scene, already hot morning and the hammock. It did. All fell into place and the rich and filtered August light added its final touch to the images.



Maternity session contact sheet (Seattle black and white Family Portraits).

Medium format black and white images from maternity session with Tricia and Todd. Film photography… I am thrilled whenever comes the time to put a roll of film into my Hasselblad.


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Ava and Maddox with Dad on an impressive homemade bike! (Seattle Family and Toddler Photography).

Seward Park’s magnificent trees and dirt road provided great background for this Summer family photo session. Children played on their skateboards, carried them back and forth, over and over which gave me the opportunity to capture them from many angles, with different expressions and intent. Edgar, thanx for playing out the part of a pro biker so well (with no helmet on…).


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One year later (Seattle Family Portraits).

Ava and Maddox have grown since last year’s photo session. This year’s Summer is not nearly as generous with its hot days, however here we are by the water again / not in the water like in the photograph from the previous post/. Everyone in bright Summer colors and the vintage skateboards are so cool!

103 degrees (Unique Seattle Family Portraits).

It was around this time in the Summer of 2009 when I had a family photo session with Greta, Edgar and their children Maddox and Ava. The temperature in Seattle on that day reached … 103 degrees!  Seattle recorded the hottest temperature in its history on that Wednesday! That session was very memorable for me. We made incredible images, laughing, enjoying the scene while my lens kept fogging up. All in the Lake Washington since it was the only place to be and feel comfortable. I am getting ready to photograph these guys in just few hours but wanted to post their family portrait from last year before I work with them again this afternoon. See you all soon!

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Runner (Seattle Child Portrait).

Cloudy day again in Seattle and sweaters are back on! At least for the beginning of the photo session. I am really pleased with the image where Johannes runs with his father. Boy chasing his dad playfully through what seems to be a sea of grass. Simple image but with lots of energy and colors. Just like I wish for my family photo sessions to be.

Hasselblad Portraits (Seattle Family Portraits with pets).

Hasselblad “box” is a powerful photography tool. Images created with this by now famous and highly acclaimed medium format camera are of striking quality. Famous American photographers like Irving Penn, Annie Leibovitz, Michael Kenna have been using this particular equipment throughout their breathtaking careers.

I have been making images with a Hasselblad for almost a decade now. I indeed enjoy the quality it delivers. It’s square format print is classic and elegant. Here is the example of my latest work commissioned by Seattle’s renowned dog photographer: Bev Sparks / her dog photography was featured by Oprah in her TV show in 2007 /. Images below were made under natural light, during the early morning time. 2 rolls of film were exposed and the triptych was made. Here, Bev Sparks with Snooky, a beloved dog: