Seattle Skyline

Inspiring Places to Photograph in Seattle

I was recently interviewed by Redfin and asked about my favorite “photography spot” in Seattle.    Without hesitation I said:  Seattle’s Kerry Park.  Why? Kerry Park is probably the most picturesque location in all of Seattle.  Having a combination of the Space Needle, skyline, Mt. Rainer and Puget Sound as its backdrop, you are guaranteed to come away with amazing photos of the family, a proposal moment, wedding party photos or whatever your photo project entails.  For favorite spots of many seasoned Seattle Photographers, refer to the article below that originally appeared on Redfin and is posted here with the author’s permission.  Regarded… Read More

Guitar and sun set

Meditative Photography for Women

There is so much beauty that passes by us daily, or rather that we pass it by, and I would like to bring that awareness back and make a daily practice of it by teaching Meditative Photography for Women. You might think that making photos and practicing meditation might be unrelated since the photography is an external act and meditation leads inward.Let’s explore this. Teachers of meditation say to focus on your breath during mediation and bring your “monkey mind” back to center with the breath.Compelling photography is generally not a product of a hurried existence. It is born through… Read More

Family of Six

The Road To Becoming A Family Photographer

Everybody’s path is different. Some photographers become successful overnight. They wake up one day confronted with a life situation where they must earn a living and decide to become a family photographer because they are good with kids, they like photography well enough, or happen to have a camera in a closet that the ex left … and build everything from there. I know a few photographers who did it like that: decided that they had the elements of what was required and became fabulous family photographers with solid, thriving businesses, not necessary because of a calling but because life… Read More

Seattle photographer on capturing genuine smiles and authentic expressions in children’s photos

Autumn has arrived. A family photographer is busy now. A colleague called me recently after a family photo session and said, “I have a quick question. Do you find, when you are working, that kids sometimes don’t want to look at you during the photo session, let alone smile, laugh, or show you their brand new teeth? “You know all you want as a family and child portrait photographer is to create photos with children smiling, showing off their new teeth, and laughing as if they were with parents in their element and no stranger was watching, let alone a… Read More

Top Family Photographers

Best Family Photographers in Seattle. I am proud to be one!

Recently I was chosen as one of the top twenty family photographers in Seattle by Expertise, a company which ranks service based businesses and connects them to their community in cities across the USA. Expertise creates lists of the best local professionals to give customers the confidence they need to make the best choices in hiring a professionals, from attorneys to plumbers. Expertise uses the following criteria to make their selections: REPUTATION: A history of delighted customers as a signal of outstanding service. CREDIBILITY: Building customer confidence with licensing, industry accreditations, and awards. EXPERIENCE: Masters of their craft, based on… Read More

Lifestyle photography

Pondering the path taken. By a Seattle Photographer

Sometimes we don’t know where we are going until we get there. Before I opened my business as a Seattle portrait photographer, I was a waitress attending photography classes.  I remember having a hunger to capture everything around me.  It could be the light coming through a crystal vase, clothes pins on a line, a single bird on a branch, a shiny door knob, a textured sand dune, or discarded objects. This phase of my life seemed carefree and frivolous. Sometimes I would take pictures by myself, sometimes with a friend who shared the same visual hunger.  We would get… Read More

Family photography

The importance of framing your family photos. Seattle family and portrait photographer

A while ago when I was doing an online search about displaying and framing family photos, I found this comment by Michelle: “I’m Brazilian and everybody here has family pics in the living room. My mom have lots of pics of me and my sister as toddlers, playing house, drinking tea, dressed up at holidays, playing in the street with neighbor kids, although I didn’t appreciate as adolescent. Despite that, I loved to visit my grandmother’s sisters and see pics of my mother’s cousins as kids playing, and that classical black and white boards of them as babies laughing, crying,… Read More

Baby Photographer

Thoughts on bringing your dog to a family photo session. By Seattle Family Photographer

As a Seattle Family Photographer, I often receive client enquiries about family photo sessions.  It is not uncommon to get a question from a client asking if they might bring their dog or dogs to the session.  This is qualified by the assurance the pets are well behaved have been with the family since the kids were born. I always smile while reading pet owners’ enquires or listening to them on the phone when they say: “It would be great to get couple of pictures with them…” I am not only open to the idea of pets participating in my… Read More

Seattle family photography

Repeat clients. By Seattle Family Photographer

I love my repeat clients.  What a cool thing it is to get to see their kids grow and change every season.  As a Seattle Family photographer, I have photographed this family multiple times now.  Images for repeat clients are made with recognition, trust, familiarity, peace of mind and already established connection.  Thanks for another wonderful session you all!  Always enjoy your attire selection and I have told you so…

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