Low Winter afternoon light (Seattle Family Portraits).

My client suggested a certain location for her family photography ( her friend had a lovely photo session at Bothel area in Seattle with her family). At first, I thought: “Oh, why travel further then to Arboretum, Gas Works Park or Lake Washington area?” Then, my curiosity for new angles won over and I “landed” my car at Bothel Landing in Seattle, making this image with low Winter light. The background is almost 3 D with trees reflecting in the water, confluence in the distance and my subjects in the foreground.  I welcome this image to my portfolio!


0 responses to “Low Winter afternoon light (Seattle Family Portraits).”

  1. Michelle Avatar

    gorgeous shot Anita! Definitely worthy of your portfolio!

    I thought you said brothel…..i was thinking it was a strange locations for a family session 🙂

    1. Anita Nowacka Avatar

      And, of course you made me laugh. Strange location would that have been with that other name. Agree. Thank you for visiting here, my favorite San Diego Photographer.

  2. Ann Avatar

    I have seen some other photographers shots from the Bothell Landing. Makes me want to go investigate.

  3. Anita Nowacka Avatar

    This location has a great, weathered bridge and tall trees on the walking paths that filter sun in a playful way and you can find red walls around as well.