Aww…, this Seattle rain!

Today, early morning family photo session. We began on a bridge that is every photographer’s dream for composing images. As we just started building energy with each other, running around with Chloe, the rain said its familiar Northwest hello. Oh, well….. We will resume soon again, but here just few images captured:


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0 responses to “Aww…, this Seattle rain!”

  1. James R MacLean Avatar
    James R MacLean

    The second image is exquisite. It’s just perfect.

  2. Anita Nowacka Avatar

    “Exquisite and perfect”. What a compliment, James! I look forward for the next snow to fall and photograph the kids again! Btw, Johan has a very similar image, taken while in Arboretum park. He looks straight into the camera and tall grasses are all around him.