Anna and Buddha.

Oh, what can I say?  This makes me smile. Maybe later I will come up with more to say, but for now, let’s leave it to smiles only…

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  1. James R MacLean Avatar
    James R MacLean

    Just imagine the conversation:

    ANNA: Oooh, that must be Isabelle Huppert pulling up.

    MAITREYA: How can you tell?

    ANNA: She’s in the white ’96 Lincoln Continental sedan

    1. Anita Nowacka Avatar

      Funny. They do look like there is a conversation happening. I like this image very much. Anita.

  2. James R MacLean Avatar
    James R MacLean

    (Reference is to “I [heart] Huckabees,” in which Ms. Huppert plays the antinomian philosopher.)