Wedding Photography

The power of the gesture…. Wedding Photography, Seattle, WA

Natalie got married a week ago. She was born and raised in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg), Russia. This is an image taken few minutes before the wedding ceremony started. Her mother just helped her with final touches and I said: “Ok, give me a Russian salute and let’s join everyone”. She delivered the perfect gesture, a remnant of her past culture, while her mother followed, still lovingly looking over the details….. Needless to say, we had a good laugh out of Natalie’s perfect salute.

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4th of July photography

Kids participating in the oldest 4th of July Parade in the State. Sedro – Wooley, WA

They were not easy to capture since maneuvering around them was a task. It was either a capture from the back, side view, or while they turned away from a parade scene for some reason. Kids are always generous with their ever changing expressions and fast gestures. Here are just a few portraits while they wear the red, white, and blue elements of the 4th of July.


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Family Portrait Photography

Love for each other. Seattle Family Photography- Seattle, WA

This family photo session was about welcoming the first glimpse of Seattle Summer, enjoying first bike rides, being playful and funny in front of a camera and most of all it was about love for each other.

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Father's Day Photography

Great Dads. Seattle Family Portraits – Seattle, WA

Over the years I have photographed many great Dads! Here are just a few. Happy Father’s Day!

“These are amazing, self- descriptive and timeless. You are the portrait master !”  Tim Durkan, a Seattle based photographer

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Family Portrait Photography

Tristan and a centipede at Golden Gardens Park. Family Photos – Seattle, WA

There is a saying: “You learn something new every day”. Recently, I photographed a boy who learned about a centipede. While looking at the photos my friend added: “looks like the parents learned something new too”! BTW, the centipede was released into a patch of grass and she walked away fast from the photo session. After all she does have 100 legs!


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Family Portrait Photography

Dynamic Family photo session on Venice Beach

The most dynamic family photo session of mine, ever! On Venice Beach, CA with the wind in our hair, Nikon on continuous high speed mode (for the most part). Jasin Boland is a Hollywood motion picture stills photographer and Nikon Ambassador I had the pleasure and honor to photograph Mr. Boland and his family this summer while on assignment for Black Rapid, Inc., Camera Strap System Company based in Seattle, WA / Things were happening fast while we were rolling through the famous Venice Beach pathways. So fast that in one image taken on the beach, I sunk their brand new skateboard into the sand while setting one image up. I so hope that the wheels have not jammed. Some day I will find out …

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