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Aww…, this Seattle rain!

Today, early morning family photo session. We began on a bridge that is every photographer’s dream for composing images. As we just started building energy with each other, running around with Chloe, the rain said its familiar Northwest hello. Oh, well….. We will resume soon again, but here just few images captured:


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Maternity Photography

Maternity session from years ago (Seattle Newborn Photography).

While taking a break from work, was looking at … my old work. Film work. From 10 years ago or so. This image comes from my first maternity session. Had to turn the scanner on and scan the negative to make this post. I used to photograph with 400 T-Max black and white film and liked it for its grainy emulsion and “unique tonal curve”. Eastman Kodak, these were different days!

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Portrait Photography Kids

Rain and Crocodile tears (Unique Family portraits in Seattle).

I have always wanted to work a family photo session in an absolute downpour. The rain was here this morning and everyone was up for it. I made a lot of images of running over the puddles, but this one I liked the most. Disclaimer comes along: Crocodile tears were over “an ice cream NOW”…

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Baby Photographer

Toby smiling (Seattle Baby Portraits).

Toby’s Mother hoped for the images that show his generous smiles and two bottom teeth. He is 10 months now and he “cooperated”  throughout the entire family photography session.



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Lifestyle photography

An Atlas (Seattle Unique Family Portraits).

During our photo session, while lifting the weights along with his son, James said with an effort: “As a parent I feel like mythical Atlas a lot, holding “The Earth” on my shoulders. Now, I feel it literally”…


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Family Portrait Photography

Tall Grasses (Seattle Toddler Photography).

The beaches of  The Baltic Sea where I grew up have the tall grass blades covering the milky dunes. Each time I have a family photo session at Golden Gardens in Seattle I arrange some play time around the grass blades resembling the ones I knew as a kid.


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Children Portrait

Freddy calling Harry (Seattle fun kid portraits).

I asked Freddy what he wanted to take to the beach before we left his home to do our annual Autumn photography session. Freddy went to his room where he also has his office / with an old typewriter and the phone/, picked up the phone and off we went. On the beach he tried to call his best friend Harry, but no connection ever happened. This triptych was made though.


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Mother and Child Portrait

Wyoming golden light and Toddler Photography.

The Western Light made my heart beat faster during this recent photo session. In Seattle, I use reflectors in portrait photography, to bring in some of the gold. In Wyoming however, it is just there, majestically reflecting off of sun burnt grasses and the copper mountains. My subjects: a local photographer, Lindsay with her 9 months old daughter Ashlyn.

Baby Portrait

Diana, Chloe and Bilbo dog (Seattle Newborn portraits).

When Diana and I were communicating about the upcoming photo session for her newborn baby Chloe, we discussed photographing in the hammock and making Bilbo, the Family Dog part of it as well. On a way out to my photography appointment I grabbed an antique fan from my desk, thinking it would perhaps fit with the garden scene, already hot morning and the hammock. It did. All fell into place and the rich and filtered August light added its final touch to the images.



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