103 degrees (Unique Seattle Family Portraits).

It was around this time in the Summer of 2009 when I had a family photo session with Greta, Edgar and their children Maddox and Ava. The temperature in Seattle on that day reached … 103 degrees!  Seattle recorded the hottest temperature in its history on that Wednesday! That session was very memorable for me. We made incredible images, laughing, enjoying the scene while my lens kept fogging up. All in the Lake Washington since it was the only place to be and feel comfortable. I am getting ready to photograph these guys in just few hours but wanted to post their family portrait from last year before I work with them again this afternoon. See you all soon!

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  1. Greta Avatar

    This was a mermory making day! First off it was a record setting temp and noone even flinched to walk right into Lake Washington, it felt like bath water! My kids love water and love to swim, so they had no problems with lots of action for Anita’s camera. The shots took my breath away and my kids still love to see themselves being tossed around by their dad. It was so fun and we have some great shots to keep forever!