You see people the way everyone would love to be seen - with curiosity, respect, humor, and some kind of abiding love. That is why you are a great photographer, and why you can't help but make art.

~ Hope (a musician working with me on making photos for her soon to be released music CD)

We love the photos! Thanks for the preview. It was fun today and you made it easy!

~ Paige

Anita photographed our family after my daughter, a U.S. Marine, had returned from Iraq to be re-united with her five-year old son. She captured that prescious moment in time when we could all be together. Those images have become a cherished part of our living room wall. Thank you again Anita!

~ Steve

We have hired Anita 5 times and every time she has produced fabulous images. If you want family pictures that are more editorial than your average photographer, she is your person. I am not a big fan of posed pictures. I much prefer the candids that have personality and an artistic quality. She has fount these moments in every photo shoot - and we have given her some challenges :) I highly recommend.

~ Trea (from an online review)

Thank you so much!! We all love the photos! You really captured us. You are incredible!

~ Kim

Anita has an extraordinary eye for photography! It was a joy to do our photo shoot and to feel that I was in the hands of a highly skilled professional. She guided me to find the expression that I was seeking, and the whole experience was collaborative, efficient and fun! I would highly recommend her for any of your photography needs.

~ Sarah

Anita, we can't thank you enough for yesterday. We know we've been a handful, things were hectic, the crowd was excited and uncontainable... Yet, it blows my mind how well you handled all of us. You are absolutely amazing, and my entire family keeps repeating how much they are in love with you. Thank you again for being so wonderful!

~ Natalie (Bride)

Hey Anita, yeah, you clearly get the kids and family. I love it! There is something in your work that I just don't see in any other family photography. Very cool!

~ Julie

Anita, we wish to thank you for fulfilling your role as our photographer so that we could capture the special moments of the NAMA 2012 conference. Your work is beautiful and will provide us with many options for sharing this event with our memebers and the public. A professional like you is an invaluable resource and we are very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with you. Thank you and Namaste,

~ The 2012 NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association) Conference Team

Anita, your images from the Venice Beach photoshoot are truely our greatest family treasure! You are amazing and thanks for taking the time to send these to us. We are thrilled!

~ Jasin Boland, Hollywood motion picture stills photographer and Nikon Ambassador

I LOVE all the photos and really appreciate having them. Taking nice family photos is one of those things you wish you had but never seem to get around to doing it. So I am grateful we were able to work with you on this, especially since our son moved to Dallas and we won't be seeing him frequently.

~ Wendy

Anita, I am so blown away. I don't even know what to say!!! I feel so blessed to have such wonderful photos of Rosa and me. Thank you, thank you! How do I choose which ones to print when so many are so good???!!!

~ Jo

Anita, you're simply unstoppable! Your eye is ravenous for composition and expression. Bravo!

~ Debra

Thanks so much for the prompt delivery of the work completed. There are many wonderful pictures and we will get years of pleasure from them.

~ Judy

You have a sharp eye for composition and a way of putting people at ease which reflects in the AMAZING photographs you make. You truly have a gift for capturing "the art of now".

~ Andy

Sentimental and intimate, family-oriented imagery with a unique way of capturing special, spontaneous moments between loved ones. The portfolio is brimming with active portraiture that is both moving, imaginative, and seamlessly entwined with the natural elements of the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

~ The House Studios (a production company offering commercial photography and video talent, studio facilities, event planning and production services in Seattle).

Thank you for the photo session again! We had a wonderful time. You really know how to evoke personality in your subjects.

~ Roseanne

We LOVE the photos! Anita, thank you! We've been really busy with work and just now got the pleasure of seeing them and couldn't be more pleased. You are so wonderful to work with. I can recommend you whole-heartedly!!

~ Stephanie

Thank you for helping us to create a beautiful and representative Christmas Card this year! We are in love with each and every photo!

~ Molly, Jason and The Boys


These are awesome! We're really excited about MORE then comissioned three. We love the glam shots on the dock! And the girls love the one of them walking up the path. Great job - we all think that this is going to be a great gift. I'm so excited to have this moment in the girl's lives documented.

~ Renee

Oh wow! Anita those photos came out amazing! Wow, you know how to catch it.

~ Jody

I had a lot of fun making many holiday gifts to family from the pictures. I made two canvases, two calendars, and four photo books, and a great holiday card!

~ Sarah


They are amazing!!! Thank you SO much. You really captured the boys and our family, especially some wonderful moments and emotions. We love them and can't stop looking at them. We were out of town this weekend, and the only online access we had were our iPhones--seeing the photos on the big computer screen this afternoon is such a treat!

We will definitely be in touch.

Your work is inspiring and beautiful.

Thank you!

~ Molly

I love the photos and it is hard to pick a favorite. I really like one of my mom and her dog. It is so hard to get my mom to smile, and you really captured her. Also, the ones of my mom and dad on the motorcycle. They have really enjoyed their motorcycling days and it is nice to capture that as well. My dad just put his motorcycle up for sale, a hard thing for him to do. But, he has some vision issues and is concerned. I am so happy we were able to do the session when we did. Also love the group shots.... and ones of me. Like the jpg you sent me last! Thank you again Anita for your creative eye, and patience to work with the group.

~ Susanne

You are an amazing photographer! You seem to capture the essence of each place, each person.

~ Pam

Anita, I am shy about being photographed but you put me at ease right away. I had a great time working with you and I am thrilled with the results.

~ Patricia

The photos you produce are always incredible. Each time I am handed an amazing perspective. Each year as the seasons pass I feel like we are walking a path with your photos. I have to say, the Fall season is most memorable. Natures colors are a blessing and you know just how to capture them. / from facebook exchange /.

~ Gwen

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We had a wondeful time with you this beautiful Fall morning. Thank you for being patient with us... it was well worth the wait! We can't stop talking about the shots you showed us on your camera... absolutely can't wait to see more. Amazing work!

~ Molly

Great job!!! Thank you for the great customer service. We appreciate you.

~ Fran and Craig

Anita, I love these photos! Thank you so much, you have such a talent!!! You have captured all the things that are the most important to me, love and my family...thank you!

~ Susanne

Every photograph you took of our family is worthy of a frame.

~ Timothy

Amazing photos! I LOVE them.

~ Jill

Thank you so much Anita! The photos are absolutely wonderful. There are so many great shots to pick from. I don't know which to choose. I really appreciate all of your tips before the photo shoot, calm demeanor, and wonderful photography skills! Also, I was surprised to see that you were already done with the editing - that was fast! I can't wait to see the book. Thanks again!

~ Ramie

Crying looking at the pictures of you and Jude! GORGEOUS / from facebook exchange /.

~ Dawnelle

No time to write much, but wanted to say ... I LOVE these!

Thank you, Anita!!!

~ Eowyn


These are photographs we will treasure. Thank you so very much! This was such a fun process; it has piqued a deep interest for me of photography. Fascinating.

~ Sandra

The photos are fabulous! They are incredible! What a beautiful, fabulous, fun assortment of wonder! It is great. All the things about it!

~ John

We had the funnest family photo shoot last night with the amazing Anita Nowacka. Anita is an extraordinary photographer. She is brilliant and so fun to work with / from facebook exchange /.

~ Sandra

I came across Anita's website during an online search and was immediately impressed by the quality of her work. Anita's photographs capture the warmth and emotional depth of family relationships, particularly relationships between parents and children and between siblings. Since I contacted Anita about photographs to display in my office, she has given generously of her time and talent and has provided invaluable insight into grouping images. Additionally, she has been extremely accommodating and easy to work with. Without reservation, I highly recommend Anita for her talented photography, professional demeanor, and caring spirit.

Christine - Ph.D., NCSP

One of the city's best family photographers.

~ Red Tricycle newsletter - Seattle

I am in awe of your craft and the energy you put into it - the moments you catch, what your images show... It surprises, speaks volume, tugs on the heart, sinks in the mind.

~ Karina

It was a pleasure and a privilege to be photographed by Anita Nowacka. I work with families profesionally and would highly recommend her as your family photographer. Anita understands how to create the sense of comfort and intimacy needed to have a succesful photo shoot. She respected our preferences yet maintained her creative energy. She captured the love and spirit of our family, provided excellent customer service both before and after photo shoot. She was flexible and accomodating despite weather challenges and rescheduling. I can't wait to have the opportunity to work with Anita again!

~ Sarah

I love the photos! You know what Brian said when he saw them? "I think we found OUR photographer...I mean for life." We really love your work.

~ Diana

Hi Anita,

I can't tell you how much everyone has enjoyed the photos you took. They've filled several wonderful multi-picture/collage type frames, small and large single frames, travel & desk albums and lockets. They are on walls , tables, desks and around necks! They captured so many special elements, and are always a pleasure to look at. Thank You. We'll definitely get in touch with you again to do a shoot when Felix is a little older. He has already changed so much. He's three now!

~ Laura

Hey Anita,

I can't tell you how much we all love the new photos of Sage! They were a huge hit at our family gatherings this summer, where my originals were ripped out of my hands by excited grandparents (I never got them back, either!). They really did capture her spirit and sense of fun AND what a ham she is! It has been almost as much fun to watch her grow up through YOUR eyes as it has been from our own! I can't wait to see what the next photo shoot brings! With love and appreciation,

~ Heather


I just opened my email, and there were the most beautiful 23 photos I think I've ever seen. I was tearing up to look at them and could not stop....Obviously, I am a bit impartial. You have an incredible eye and vision of art and we are so lucky to have been a part of this.

~ Greta

Hello Anita,

Thank you for doing such a great job at the wedding! A formal thank you will be in the mail soon but we do want to express our gratitude to you. I can't imagine having anyone better or more skilled for the job of taking our pictures and I'm thrilled you were there for our day! Again, thank you! You did such a splendid job.

~ Best, JC+B


We LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!!!!!! we are overwhelmed. [our wedding photos] are simply beautiful and more amazing than we anticipated! ... thank YOU for everything. it was great to work with you.

~ Kate


My package just arrived, the pictures are even more breathtaking in real life than they are online! I do not have enough surfaces in my home to display them all...

Thank you again for the time and energy you spent on our photos, I will always treasure them.

~ Annie

Hi Anita,

I just wanted you to know that Mom's books were the hit of Christmas. My siblings could not say enough about how incredible they were. The grandkids also loved them and one of them, Ryan, was completely overcome with emotion about it. You did a remarkable job and I am truly grateful.

~ Julie


You are amazing! i absolutely love your images. you really stand out from other professional photographers that i have seen. you have the ability to capture each person's uniqueness. i can see your artistry at work on-site. you see something that will work just great and you work with your clients to put action to what you are seeing. (for lack of a better way of putting it..) i also saw your wedding photos for my sis and again, yours stand out from the crowd. other wedding photos are so typical and boring. you capture your clients personalities on their special day. and that is so important.

~ Joe

Anita, you were [expletive deleted] awesome!!

~Jennifer (Bride)

Anita is AMAZING! she takes everything into account and focuses on her subjects. you can really *see* people in her pictures, not just scenery. we're thrilled to be working with her!

~ JC

Hey Anita -

I cannot believe these shots!!! Thank you so much!!! We definitely plan to get some of these framed. Now we just have the challenge of choosing our favorites.

Thanks so much,

~ Kathleen

I absolutely ADORE my very good friend Anita Nowacka's work with children and families. We have used her for mostly Sage-only shoots, but are thinking we might actually want to include mom and dad in the next one. I have known Anita for almost 15 years and she is great with kids and an artful photographer. You will like her.

~ Heather

I finally had a moment to go thru these. Oh, Anita they are so lovely! Your work has such warmth and grace!

~ Anna


These are really incredible!!!!
I really want to get something on the calendar to do photos of the girls.

~ Kelli

Hi Anita,

The photos are remarkable! We are loving each one of them. THANK YOU!!

~ Anh

OH Anita,

How do we begin to thank you for the BEAUTIFUL images you captured of our family? They took my breath away and made me laugh and cry. They are so amazing! I feel so blessed that we were able to reconnect with you and hope that it is a tradition we can continue, I would like to have no one other than you document my boy's childhood. You did such a good job of catching Grayson's personality, all of his looks and moods, and the ones of Radlee turned out so sweet, they truly capture his essence.

Thank you again, you and your talent are amazing!

~ Annie

Anita, these pictures look awesome!!! Really pleased with how they turned out.

~ Richard


Wow. That is fantastic and makes us even more excited about the images to come. Thanks again for your flexibility, talent and efficiency.We couldn't have asked for anything more.

~ Anh

Thank you, thank you, thank you...Anita. I couldn't ask for anything more. I can't believe how many shots feel good to me. i also can hardly believe how many shots you took. Did I really smile that much? I was kinda laughing just looking at the pictures.

It seems like I've always had to choose the lesser of a bad picture and now I have many good pictures too choose from. I can't wait to show my family.


~ Denel


You are such a good communicator! You are extremely professional. I am fortunate to work with you!

~ Julie

Thank you, Anita,

And, applause for you! I visited your website and really like your work. In your nautical gallery you have a really good eye for the finding the design within the bigger scene, as well as for shapes and color. I don't know all the artistic jargon, by any means. But intuitively I see an artist's work. With the people pictures you show good timing in capturing the warmth and emotions of your subjects. They are alive! Too many photographers never even know that they miss that.

I'm going to add your website to my favorites so that I can visit once in a while and see more of your creativity.

~ Wayne

Anita is an enormously committed and intuitive photographer. She listens carefully. I felt in good hands throughout the photo session.

~ Jamie

I've worked with Anita on a couple of occasions and I can truly say without a shadow of a doubt she is phenomenal at what she does! She brings a lot of energy, enthusiasm and creativity to her photo shoots and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to get photos done.

~ Ray

Thanks so much. Honestly, Todd told me your photography was incredible, but I never imagined that you could actually make me think I look good! They are simply amazing (even the ones where we don't look good). I am so excited to see the others and we will definitely have to do a city session at some point!

~ Kari

The photos came out so beautifully!!!! We are so pleased. Both Terry and Nancy (Nick's mom and dad ) and my parents are really excited and happy with the photos, too. I was told by my co workers that he looks like a perfect little doll and they didn't believe that these were taken in our house.

~ Midi

Thanks for today! We had a blast. You were so great with Abby and taking her cues. We think you got some memorable images! Brian really enjoyed the session.

~ Diana