Coaching: Personalized Photography Instruction



If you are interested in taking your photography to another level, I offer personalized coaching how to create better/stronger images.

I work with clients from all walks of life:

  • Those who have photographed for awhile and would like a portfolio overview,
  • Professional photographers,
  • Photographers in need of editing suggestions or guidelines while selecting their work for an exhibit or an art show,
  • Parents who photograph their children and are seeking more artful images.

Each coaching session is tailored to the client’s needs.

Based on the material you present, (up to 18 printed images), I provide instruction on how to understand and apply theories of aesthetics, design, composition, color, and semiotics (analogies, metaphors, symbols) while making the images. I also share some personal techniques with you that I’ve developed to make an image tell a story.

Our session will include instruction on form (color, line, tonality, texture and composition) and message that your images deliver or are supposed to deliver. We explore different ways of cropping and composing your images. We look at past and contemporary images to examine what makes them successful, what makes them “work”. At the session’s conclusion, I will suggest visual exercises to help you strengthen your work.

I can help you be a better, more confident photographer. I have the experience, knowledge, and education to help anyone improve their photographic skills. My base rate is $125 for the first hour, and $100 for additional consecutive hours. A group rate can be negotiated.

Contact me to inquire about your first session. I look forward to working with you!

~ Anita Nowacka.






I would like to thank you Anita, for coaching, ecouraging, and advising me in the months and weeks before going out to capture my first images as a professional photographer. The confidence you expressed in the images you critiqued had a tremendous impact on my mindset. You imparted confidence in my ability to perceive what is beautiful, to trust my gut what is lovely, and most importantly, to keep it simple. The feedback I received from others on the images of my first wedding have been a source of pride for me. My husband has even been bragging about me, and that is such a gift to my heart. For all these things, I can honestly say, I don't know how I could have moved forward without your support. Again, thank you Anita.

 ~ Jeanne

"Being intentional, coming up with a story beforehand helps me not to waste time, think about what I want to say visually, struggled with that before, photos come easier when you know what you're looking for before you make an image. Thank you for taking me on and teaching me about photography to help my passion and interest for it to grow. Your lessons were absolutely invaluble."

 ~ Kendall, an 18 year old art student, regarding what she gained from photography coaching sessions with me

"Your images give me ideas, pushing me to be better and more considerate of composition and subject matter."

~ Tim, a Seattle photographer

"Anita is a talented photographer with a great eye. She is also a great coach. She has helped me immensely in defining composition, developing an eye for light and location, and in one of the most challenging areas – how to engage the subject of my portrait for the best possible image. In taking on the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced in my work as a photographer – my first book – Anita was able to help me not only see and frame the shot, but also was an endless source of support, encouragement and enthusiasm. All of these elements are critical to successful coaching."

~ Stacey Sanner, an author of a book "Keeping a Blue Light On."

"Anita simplified for me the elements of making a photograph that has an impact. I look for triangles now whenever I compose the image. That has "organized" my process of seeing."

~ Ann, a member of "Seattle Mamas with Cameras".

"I have learned much more during 3 hours of coaching with you then through my 7 day dental photography workshop."

~ Dr Randy Weisz, D.D.S (Seattle reconstructive and aestetic dentistry).

"I came across Anita's website during an online search and was immediately impressed by the quality of her work. Anita's photographs capture the warmth and emotional depth of family relationships, particularly relationships between parents and children and between siblings. Since I contacted Anita about photographs to display in my office, she has given generously of her time and talent and has provided invaluable insight into grouping images. Additionally, she has been extremely accommodating and easy to work with. Without reservation, I highly recommend Anita for her talented photography, professional demeanor, and caring spirit."

~ CM, Ph.D., NCSP

"I am a Seattle artist specializing in fine art paintings of dogs. Anita Nowacka has been the photographer for my business for 8 years.

Anita Nowacka photographs my work, and is my marketing adviser, social media tutor, and business coach. I've learned from Anita how to prepare images for various uses- for the web, social media, art submissions, and reproduction. I have complete files on every painting. Anita's photos have provided documentation of various aspects of my work, such as photos of dog interview appointments and publicity photos. As an artist, I feel very grateful that I have a full spectrum adviser, so much more than a photographer."

~ Nancy Schutt of Fine Art Custom Dog Paintings

"Thank you for such a perfect meeting yesterday. You explained well the importance of visual images on my Facebook business page. I am excited for my Facebook "Eva's voice", all involving visual images with my own Eva's photos! I love your teaching energy: you really hold a good space."

~ Eva, MA LMHC Psychotherapist

"Thank you so much for your time, words of advice and encouragement. Before I met with you, I never quite understood why my eye was drawn to a particular image; now I get it. Your approach to looking for shapes when composing will stay with me forever."

~ Miranda, an aspiring photographer