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Spontaneous Family Portraits, Seattle, WA

Family photography is what I love to do and it happens to be my work!  I am a photographer specializing in spontaneous family portraits.  Photographing children and parents involves both the predictable and the unknown.  My objective in every photo session is to create images that display spontaneity while also expressing the beauty and temperament of the subject. I am not people-shy. I am agile, involved, and active throughout the session.  I focus on the unexpected, humorous, or touching moments that arise during a session.  This spontaneity naturally occurs but can also be instigated through direction by me, the photographer.  Thus I call my style “directed photojournalism”- a balance between the carefree and the guided, with attention to composition and the uniqueness of each subject. All sessions take place under natural light.  Please, take a look at my work:

Spontaneous Family Portraits, Seattle, WA



Cherry Blossoms and Family Photography in Seattle, WA

Spring time comes around and Seattle’s streets and parks come alive with pink cherry blossoms.  It is a site to see and it all lasts a week or two providing incredible backdrops for family portraits.


Kid Photography, Seattle, WA

Kid photography is my thing.  Here, a visual story on how they are, how they play, how they see, how they love to be in the moment…..

Maternity session by Puget Sound, Seattle, WA

Amanda is a repeat client. I was happy to hear from her after some time. I photographed her son when he was a toddler. That seems so long ago! She announced that she was expecting twins and she wanted more photos. We had a photo session by the cold but gentle waters of Puget Sound while the Vashon Island ferry sailed by a few times. Bellame was part of the session as well, while his mother showered him with affection.

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Hello September! (Seattle Family Photography).


Hello September! Hello Golden Seattle Light! Special offer for September Family Photo Sessions is here! Schedule your September session w/ Anita and receive fancy 8×8 (20 page), hard cover photo book gratis!

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Recent, Summer work. Seattle Family Photography.


It has been a busy Summer with Seattle Family Photography. I will be creating separate blog posts for each Family. In the meantime, however, selected few images here, along with a link to one session that took place on Alki Beach (in one spot, lasted an hour, was filled with ideas, creative energy and “meant to be moments”):




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Family photography for Xmas 2010 continues… (Seattle Family portrait photography).

Many people, lots of energy, cool ideas, change of settings throughout the session. Here is family portrait session via storyboard:

Low Winter afternoon light (Seattle Family Portraits).

My client suggested a certain location for her family photography ( her friend had a lovely photo session at Bothel area in Seattle with her family). At first, I thought: “Oh, why travel further then to Arboretum, Gas Works Park or Lake Washington area?” Then, my curiosity for new angles won over and I “landed” my car at Bothel Landing in Seattle, making this image with low Winter light. The background is almost 3 D with trees reflecting in the water, confluence in the distance and my subjects in the foreground.  I welcome this image to my portfolio!

Aww…, this Seattle rain!

Today, early morning family photo session. We began on a bridge that is every photographer’s dream for composing images. As we just started building energy with each other, running around with Chloe, the rain said its familiar Northwest hello. Oh, well….. We will resume soon again, but here just few images captured:


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Toby smiling (Seattle Baby Portraits).

Toby’s Mother hoped for the images that show his generous smiles and two bottom teeth. He is 10 months now and he “cooperated”  throughout the entire family photography session.



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