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New Lessons (Seattle Child Photography).

Johann’s first steps in learning to trust and be bold. Camano Island Beach Toddler Photography.


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I miss seeing Simon (Seattle Family Portraits with a beloved pet).

He was called Si, short for Simon. He lived next door and grew up with kids, ever since they were born. He was a good dog. Last few years were tough on Simon. I saw him often struggle taking a pee in the yard, his body shaking and trembling with each step, his coat so gray. I often heard his name being called as it was part of the neighborhood sound. A few weeks ago I learned that Simon is no longer living next door, that he needed to move on and be let go of. I find myself thinking of Simon here and there as I go on with my busy days. Yesterday, while working on a computer, I found an old file folder and discovered a series of images I took of Quinn and Simon last summer while I visited the neighbors for a chat. I recall I was moved back then how Quinn was with Si, kind and tender.  I made few photos and forgot about them. Here they are. Hi Simon! Hope you are well, wherever you might be.

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It is always so cool to “be featured”… (Seattle extreme sport wedding Photography).