Telluride Wedding (Seattle extreme sport wedding Photography).

Telluride’s history is colorful and rich. Once a remote but thriving gold mining area, today Telluride mines a different gold…. The area has a reputation for world class skiing and stunning ambiance of breathtaking 360 degree mountain views. It is a destination and home for artists, skiers, celebrities and just about “any other human type you could imagine” as an online source states. Kari and Todd’s  “Amazing Telluride Wedding” lasted a few days with many adventures included. Heli-skiing was one of them, led by the local business: “Helitrax”. Oh … btw, a stunning bridal dress by Luly Yang Couture, Seattle, WA.


About the Photographer: Anita Nowacka

Anita Nowacka (pronounced Novatzka) is a nationally recognized photographer, with 12 years experience working professionally. She specializes in unique family photography, spontaneous portraits of children in the Seattle, WA area. She also photographs weddings, life celebrations and creates headshots for business professionals. Anita works as a photography instructor for National Geographic Expeditions (photographic and digital support) and offers personalized coaching and portfolio overviews for anyone interested in improving their photography skills, including parents who photograph their children and are seeking more artful images.

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  1. avatar Elizabeth says:

    Wow. I don’t ski but this wedding made me wish I did :) Great work!

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